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How to reinstall windows 7?

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How to reinstall windows 7?

Inläggav Alenarose » ons 11 sep 2019, 11:27

Earlier, Windows 7 was the most popular choice for laptops and desktops amongst the users globally. If you want to reinstall Windows 7 on your system, you need to perform some reinstalling steps to make the PC run smoothly and hassle-free with the latest updates. Most of the times, people face many problems such as PC slowing down or hanged, etc. Some of you can try troubleshooting these problems by reinstalling the OS. Reinstalling Windows is a difficult process, as you have to backup all your data, perform the install process then reinstall all your programs, and restore all your data. All these activities waste your valuable time. The advanced recovery method of Windows 7 is one of its lesser-known features. You can easily reinstall Windows 7 with the help of its advanced recovery feature without much hassle. You can reinstall Windows 7 from a recovery image provided by your computer manufacturer, or from USB flash drive, or original Windows 7 installation disc
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