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was told that this chair was made

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was told that this chair was made

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Namibia is synonymous with parched desert landscapes Will Richardson Jersey , enigmatic shipwrecks and vast swathes of wilderness, but nestled among these breathtaking vistas are a few lesser known gems. Mundulea is one of these, a once in a lifetime experience which should not be missed by all truly discerning travellers to Namibia.

Kate & Bruno Nebe established Mundulea in 2001 after purchasing a group of farms in the Otavi Mountains. After dismantling the existing boundaries and erecting secure game fencing around the perimeter, they began to swell the existing wildlife numbers with a carefully chosen variety of indigenous species. The aim has been to establish a reserve rich in Namibia's native flora and fauna, a place as close to its natural heritage as possible, where visitors can experience a true step back into the lush wilderness of this ancient region.

Mundulea is located in the Karstveldt region south east of Otavi. The underlying rock formations are principally made up of Dolomite, Lime and Marble and are known for their fathomless cave systems Ronnie Harrison Jersey , deep gorges and underground lakes. In addition the Nature Reserve boasts examples from three important fossil groups; Pre-Cambrian, Jurassic and some more recent from around 13 million years ago.

So in-between tracking rhino on foot, scouring the horizon for leopard or bird watching around a waterhole, you could also perhaps venture a little way into the virtually unexplored cave systems of Mundulea with your guide, and experience a taste of the pioneer spirit!

Mundulea is now host to many species including Kudu, Oryx, Springbok A. J. Cann Jersey , Warthog, Ostrich, Wildebeest, Hartebeest and more notably good numbers of Eland, Giraffe, Tessebe, Black Faced Impala Dante Fowler Jr Jersey , Dik Dik and Duiker. Predators include Leopard, Cheetah, Brown Hyena and Spotted Hyena as well as Lynx, Serval and other small cats.

In addition Mundulea is part of the Black Rhino Custodianship Programme run by Namibia's Ministry of Wildlife, Environment and Tourism. The first bull arrived in October 2006, he is the last of his sub-species (Diceros bicornis chobiensis), and he was joined in February 2007 by three females and one young bull (Diceros bicornis bicornis).

The rhinos must be settling into their new home well as the first baby was born around three months ago! Hopefully there will be a good number more to come.

Early in 2008 Bruno completed a new semi-permanent camp at Mundulea which allows visitors space to relax in a little more luxury whilst enjoying this unique environment. Each of the four Meru style tents has its own innovative en-suite bathroom and shaded veranda Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , all the furniture was made on site using natural materials with meticulous attention to detail.

The camp nestles amongst mature trees and the structures have been perfectly designed to blend into the surrounding environment. A central boma area and kitchen provide the setting for delicious dinners cooked over an open fire.

From this base camp, visitors are accompanied on relaxed, expertly guided walking trails to discover the intricacies of the eco-systems which support Namibia's vast biodiversity of animals, birds, plants, trees, reptiles and insects. Each walk is geared to the individual guest's interests and abilities Myles Jack Jersey , and each day ends with a chance to share experiences under the star strewn skies of Namibia's ancient landscape.
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For Namibia self-drive tours and safaris go to or email infotour@iafrica.na Tel. ++264 61 228 717

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The idea of owning your own boat for any purpose; deep sea fishing, leisurely days on the river or canal, appeals to most of us. In days gone by, it was a sign of success, an announcement to your friends and enemies that you had 'made it!' Nowadays it may not be the massive status symbol it used to be, but it is an attainable goal that will provide us with many years of fun, providing you adhere to these tips.


There are many reasons for wanting to buy your first boat Dede Westbrook Jersey , you may be an aspiring yachtsperson, maybe angling is your 'angle'; or, and more usually, you like the idea of lazing about on a summers day. Whatever your interest, there will be an ideal purchase for you.

Where to buy?

There are many boat magazines and online vendor sites available, just use the internet search engine and you will be amazed at the options available. You could also take a stroll to your local marina, river or sea Dawuane Smoot Jersey , and ask around for any marine vehicles on offer.

Function and Form.

Boats come in many shapes and sizes, a seventy foot ocean going speedboat looks impressive, but it would look stupid wedged between two narrow river banks. Similarly, you wouldn't use a twelve foot dingy to sail around the Mediterranean Sea. Try to choose the type of boat according to your intended use.


Nobody would jump into a car, or onto a motorbike and expect to drive accident free without being taught correctly, neither would you on a boat. Even a basic, small engine boat Cam Robinson Jersey , requires a degree of expertise when navigating down a river, or through a busy harbor. You must acquire experience via a registered instructor, and you will enjoy the experience on a different level as a result.

Trailers or moorings.

Boats a big, make no mistake, even the smallest boat will need special consideration for storage and transport issues. If you have a spacious garden or driveway, you could do worse than keeping your boat on a trailer, ready for action. Alternatively you can look around for moorings at your nearest river Leonard Fournette Jersey , lake or harbor location. Be aware these will not be free, factor this cost into your investment figure.

Joint owning?

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Re: was told that this chair was made

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Re: was told that this chair was made

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