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elong to the ruling LDP.

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elong to the ruling LDP.

Inläggav tujue » lör 12 jan 2019, 06:43

Apple profits soared by a fifth as its flagship iPhone X hit stores in Asia Friday Authentic Nick Martin Jersey , with the company predicting bumper sales despite its eye-watering price tag.

  The first customer surnamed Yu shows his new iPhone X after buying it at an Apple Store in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 3, 2017. (XinhuaCai Yang)

Net profit rose 19 percent from a year ago to $10.7 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter to September 30, Apple said. Revenues were up 12 percent to $52.6 billion.

Release of the earnings figures pushed Apple shares up more than three percent to $173.20 and came as iPhone X models began hitting the market in some time zones.

The flagship handset features facial recognition, cordless charging and an edge-to-edge screen made of organic light-emitting diodes used in high-end televisions.

It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone release and hits about 50 markets around the world Friday.

In Hong Kong, buyers who had pre-ordered the phone online queued to pick up their new purchases, saying they were willing to pay for what they saw as a landmark model.

"It's the 10th anniversary phone -- anyway, other phones like the Samsung are not much less," said banker Tony Yeung, 35, as he queued outside the Apple store in Hong Kong's Festival Walk mall.

"It's convenient. You can unlock the phone just by holding it up to your face in bed after you wake up," Yeung added.

He said he had bought two of the 64 GB version, costing HK$8,588 ($1,100), one for himself and one for his wife. The 256 GB model costs HK$9,888.

Student Keith Li said all his friends were changing to the new phone and had set aside money for it. Li, 22, had traded in his old phone to help him meet the cost.

Inside the Hong Kong store, those still considering whether to buy were trying out facial recognition after concerns it may compromise the security of the phone.

Nam So, 36, said he was happy to use it, preferring it to touch ID, which opens the phone at the touch of a finger.

"If your thumb is sweaty then it won't unlock. Face ID would solve this problem," he told AFP.

- 'It's worth it' -

Around 300 customers waited overnight outside Singapore's Apple store, the first shop in Southeast Asia to sell the new model.

Around 300 customers waited overnight outside Singapore's Apple store, Southeast Asia's first to sell the new model

Supakorn Rieksiri and Kittiwat Wang, both 22, said they had flown in from Bangkok on Thursday to pick up pre-orders of two phones each.

"With all the different features like facial recognition and the bigger screen, it's all quite worth it," said Rieksiri, adding that the second handset was a gift for his mother.

Apple is setting an ambitious goal for itself to reinvent the smartphone as it strives to fend off fierce competition from rivals, especially in China.

The iPhone is its main profit driver, accounting for more than half its revenues.

Apple closed out its fiscal year posting a full-year profit of $48.35 billion, up 5.8 percent, on revenues of $229 billion, a rise of 6.3 percent from the previous year.

In the latest quarter the firm was able to reverse its fortunes in China, boosting overall sales by 12 percent in the "Greater China" region. Sales were up in other regions except for Japan, which saw an 11 percent revenue drop.

Smartphone sales climbed by about a million units to 46.7 million in the three months winding up the California company's fiscal year, according to the earnings report.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook called it a "very strong finish" to 2017.

TOKYO, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was reappointed as the nation's leader on Wednesday retained all of his ministers in his relaunched cabinet.

Abe's cabinet, launched after his reelection as prime minister in a special parliamentary session, saw all ministers retain their portfolios and follows the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's (LDP) sweeping victory in the Oct. 22 lower house election.

The prime minister, in a bid to ensure the ruling LDP's political continuity going forward and on the back of its super-majority secured in the lower house election, notably kept his key allies in their posts.

These include Taro Aso who will continue to double as deputy prime minister and finance minister and Taro Kono whose role as foreign minister will remain unchanged.

Itsunori Onodera will continue as defense minister and the government's top spokesperson, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, has also seen his role unchanged.

With the exception of Keiichi Ishii, who was reappointed as environment minister, and is a member of the LDP's coalition Komeito party ally, Abe's cabinet all bc

Abe last reshuffled his cabinet lineup on Aug. 3.

Before the special session, which will run through Dec. 9, convened Wednesday, Abe's cabinet resigned en masse, with his fourth cabinet since the premier retook the helm in 2012, to be sworn in at an attestation ceremony later in the day at the Imperial Palace.

Abe's continued tenure as the nation's premiere was guaranteed by a majority vote in the lower house which he secured on Wednesday, with the lower chamber having final authority on the matter as decreed by Japan's constitution.

As Abe's ruling coalition holds a majority in the upper house, the vote for Abe as prime minister in the upper chamber, which he also secured, was merely a formality.

The lower house earlier on Wednesday also reelected house Speaker Tadamori Oshima and selected Hirotaka Akamatsu, a member of the now main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), as vice speaker.

The LDP's overwhelming victory in the general election has raised the chances that Abe will run in the LDP leadership contest next September an How Effective . Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys Cheap Football Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale College Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys
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Re: elong to the ruling LDP.

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