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Today is the New Year's Day

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Today is the New Year's Day

Inläggav ylq » fre 06 jul 2018, 09:07

Today is the New Year's Day. According to the custom of the countryside, this is the day to go to relatives and friends to celebrate the New Year. In the past, when we went back to our hometown, we always went to our relatives and friends to go to the New Year��s house Cigarette Online. After half a day, I was both frozen and exhausted. This year, I have to change the custom of going to the New Year and change the Internet to celebrate the New Year. Now that everyone has a computer, isn��t it the same on the Internet?ly in the morning, in the sound of deafening firecrackers, I got up early, turned on the computer, and entered the QQ number of my cousin who was far away from Shijiazhuang. At first glance, my sister got up earlier than me! We have been eager to ask for warmth and mutual worship. In the chat, I learned that she was on the second day of this year, her homework is very tight, she must study hard, so she must go to the early morning and then learn Marlboro Red. In order not to affect her study, I made a long story short, I want to see the aunt and grandfather, and give them a New Year. So, the elder sister called them and opened the video. I saw that Dagu and Dagu were standing behind the big sister! As soon as I saw it, I stood up in a hurry and stood up with my hands and fists. I said, Dagu, Grandpa, you are good New Year Online Cigarettes, I will give you a New Year! Later, I felt that my movements were a little funny, spit my tongue, made a face to them, and made them laugh. After they also asked about my study, the first online New Year in this first year was over. The heart said that it is good to visit the Internet on the Internet!r talking with my eldest sister, I thought of my big sister again. I usually want to give him a year of worship. He is doing business in Tangshan. Now he is very busy. It is difficult to see him. Yes Cheap Cigarettes, say worship. I entered the QQ number of Daxie. At first glance, this business is fine, and I am still doing business in the New Year! In order to give Daxie a surprise, I will find the FLASH animation of the Spring Festival blessing in advance, and pass it to the big scorpion. I will recognize who I am when I am stunned. I opened the video and pointed to me: "You are a little child, grow up, will make an animation? There is a good future! Well Marlboro Menthol 100S, it is my good niece, I will continue to work hard in the future, keep the knowledge firmly, and be a useful person in the future." "I listened to the words of the big brother, my heart is really beautiful.seems that the online New Year is not my ingenuity. Everyone is using it and playing its role. Crisp, don't do it all the time, give all friends and family who know QQ number to come online for a New Year! In an hour, I "walked" all the friends and family
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