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PokerStars Rolls Out long-awaited new game Six Plus Hold’em

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PokerStars Rolls Out long-awaited new game Six Plus Hold’em

Inläggav mmogame » ons 11 sep 2019, 03:59

PokerStars joins the latest craze in poker. The online poker giant has just launched its own version of online short deck hold'em, a poker variant that is quickly becoming popular among players because of new strategies and more action involved in playing games.

Now that 6+ has finally been launched with real money, the question is whether PokerStars plans to make this game permanent or not. The operator launched four variants of cash games in the same way last year, and each of them only lasted a few months. Operators talk about the benefits of limited edition games.

The game plays the same way as No-Limit Hold'em with a few exceptions. There are no small and big blinds, and instead, everyone posts bets, with players on the button posting double bets. This game plays six-max, and the hand rank is slightly different from the flush that beats full-house. Ace plays as high and low, so the A6789 is straight with the ace acting like five. By the way, you can buy cheap fb chips from 777chips.com, where you can enjoy a huge discount and fast delivery.

However, it is also clear that PokerStars will like new hits, such as Fast Fold (aka Zoom) and Lottery Sit and Gos (aka Spin and Gos). And when it comes to that great victory, we can be sure it will last permanently. PokerStars didn't mention its immortality (or lack thereof) before launch, so we can't guess. But there is good reason to believe that 6+ will be a huge success.

Six-max 6+ hold'em tables are now available on all bets for real money and playing money in .DK, .EE, and .NET clients, while the game is scheduled to reach the lobby lobby .COM ,. EU, .UK, and .SE sites on 16 January. Players will find new games in tab 6+ in the lobby. Also, see PokerStars ambassadors to stream sessions from new variants on Twitch to help players be educated in the game.
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