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This is an era of dreams, and i

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This is an era of dreams, and i

Inläggav ylq » lör 18 aug 2018, 08:09

This is an era of dreams, and in everyone's heart [url=cigarettesonlinesale.com]How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url], there is a dream. Even the characters in the cartoon have dreams! The dream of the beautiful goat is to play freely on the grassland. Don't worry about the sudden attack of the gray wolf. The dream of the bald head is that there is no interference from the bears. The trees in the forest are all cut, sold and made big money a young age, I have dreams, and dreams are the ladder that makes me work harder. But my dream is changing with time and age. In kindergarten, my hobby is to learn to draw and dance. My first dream is to become a painter. I can sell my paintings all over the world and make them a household name. In the first grade, I continued to practice dance. My dream became a dancer. I hope to stand on the beautiful stage and show my dance. I hope people cheer for me and cheer for me! Now, after I learned about the unyielding deeds of Zhao Yiman and Liu Hulaning from the book, my dream has changed. I want to be a female police officer. I want to be a female police officer in prison. I want to use my actions to touch them, so that the people in the prison can better transform themselves [url=smokingsalestore.com]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], and they will be able to make a contribution to the society. Not only do I have dreams, but China also has dreams. This dream is the common dream of the 1.3 billion Chinese children: to rejuvenate China, to make China strong, and to become a strong country.I saw on television that the lives of those who were behind the mountain village were hard, how much I wanted to be a bird, flew there and taught my knowledge to them. I would like to become the president of China's Xi Jinping, specializing in the transformation of the village, so that every child has a book to read, have a good house to live, and make the family rich and happy. This is not only my dream, but also the dream of the people of the whole country, but also the Chinese dreamWei is a disabled person without hands [url=cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Red 100S[/url], but he falls in love with the piano. How can a person without hands, can play the piano? No, he can. He used his foot and his flexible toes jumped on the keys [url=100scigarettes.com]Marlboro Gold Pack[/url]. He has a perseverance and determination that ordinary people cannot achiev we work hard [url=cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], we still can't succeed. We don't regret it, at least we have worked hard and paid. Failure is not terrible, but terrible is that there is no dream. With a dream, there is hope and light. Everyone's big and small dreams are the Chinese dream, the great dream of the 1.3 billion Chinese children!
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