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or seven years

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or seven years

Inläggav ylq » tor 20 jun 2019, 08:55

or seven years, we have been together for seven years. In the past seven years, I have faded contact with many people. In the end, they have all gone, but fortunately, you are still by my side. I don't expect much. I am with my brother for a lifetime. Maybe this is my biggest luxury. How to let you meet me at my most beautiful moment. Fate is a very hanging thing, I don't quite understand it, but when I see your first sight, I understand, it's you, this is the destined encounter Marlboro Red. For this, I am afraid, I have been asking for five hundred years before the Buddha, asking it to let us end up with a dusty edge, so you have appeared, at my best age, gave me the biggest surprise in this life. I will be jealous, I will be angry, I will be a little childish Cigarettes Online, I will like to make trouble, not because I am childish, but because I care too much. Sometimes, I will think again, I am not too selfish, I always hope that you are by my side, I hope that I am also your most important person, I know, you will forgive me. I deeply hide this feeling in my heart. As the days go by, it finally becomes a strong oath. The long night, still missing and blind, can��t stop, my true heart is in those old days. The summer that is no longer coming back, the road we walked together, the songs we sang together, the silly we have committed together, the tears that flowed together, are really so pitiful today. I have said that I have to travel together and live together. This is the lifelong promise we have made for each other. Maybe something will change, but that is something of others and has nothing to do with us Cigarettes For Sale. I want to be strong, so I can protect you. I don't want you to be hurt. Although I am always very embarrassed, I have a lot of words, but I promise that it is absolutely because the people I am opposite are you, you know, you are the most proud existence of my life.I have been in love for seven years, and I have always been reluctant to say goodbye to you Online Cigarettes. All the moments we are together are an innocent beauty, far better than love, can have such a confidant, can have such you, is enough. For seven years, our feelings have not only faded, but have become more and more profound. I like this kind of long-term flow mokingusacigarettes.com, and I like to quietly miss and miss you. There is always an inexplicable peace of mind in your place. I feel that the air is sweet. I smile with my own voice. It seems that all this is the best arrangement. We are together, we are destined to be together, I swear, I will treat you. I will love you all my life, no matter how old or sick, no matter how rich or poor, I will guard you, until the end I will love you forever, this is my only and eternal promise.
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