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Why Is Dental Health Important? Health Articles | January 5 Jordan Scarlett Panthers Jersey , 2018
Taking god care of the mouth is very crucial. People often go for regular health check-ups but underemphasize the importance of teeth and gums. But here is the time to foster the dental health. We nee...

Taking god care of the mouth is very crucial. People often go for regular health check-ups but underemphasize the importance of teeth and gums. But here is the time to foster the dental health. We need to understand that many medical problems can be kept at bay if dental health is taken care of. On the contrary, an unhealthy mouth can lead to a vicious tangle of medical problems. One may not even realize that the problem arises due to their ignorance towards their mouth.

A?good oral health includes healthy gums; a dirt and plaque free tongue and cavity free teeth.Now to attain these, researchers have found that brushing and flossing daily play a very important role.

What role mouth plays in the maintaining the overall health

Our mouth is a home to many bacteria that populates and breeds. One swab of cotton may reveal it all about our health.

Saliva swab test

Saliva swab test is the basic and initial test which identifies conditions that are as a result of endocrine, immunological or infectious. Saliva is also used in assaying steroid hormones such as cortisol Christian Miller Panthers Jersey , protiens, enzymes and antibodies. Saliva tests also can be useful in measuring illegal drug intakes, environmental toxins, hormones and antibodies that trigger hepatitis or HIV infection.

Saliva acts as a defense mechanism

Saliva acts as a defense mechanism which acts against disease- inducing organisms such as bacteria Will Grier Panthers Jersey , virus and fungus. Saliva contains enzymes that destroy bacteria and antibodies that help in protection from various harmful viruses.


A lot of research regarding the connection of unhealthy mouth with the diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease has been done and it was concluded that bacterial growth in the gums due to plaque deposition leads to rampant hike in diabetes. Also inflammation of the gums due to gingivitis and periodontitis may lead to clogging of arteries and eventually may be the cause for atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries. In a few researches, it was also found out that bacterial disease may lead to heart attack and stroke. Oral infections have been known to cause low weight pre-term babies. This has two theories related it. One says that oral infection in the gums of a pregnant lady may reach the placenta hence hindering in growth and development of the fetus. Another theory suggests that the oral bacteria induce the labor pain which leads to pre-term labor and eventually the birth of a pre-mature baby.

Normally bacteria from the mouth do not enter the body system. Only in cases of invasive dental procedures can the microbes enter the bloodstream. Also due to certain drugs, there is dearth of saliva in the mouth causing xerostomia. This saliva contains bacteria which is very essential for the mouth and its oral hygiene. In cases of weakened immune systems Greg Little Panthers Jersey , the bacteria present in the mouth might become a reason for infection in other parts of the body.

These above reasons might be strong enough for each one of us to take good care of our oral health which includes mouth, teeth and gums. Just be regular and make it your habit to brush teeth twice daily, floss as soon as you eat anything and go for regular dental checkups. These small things can add up as a compound effect on your brilliant oral health and thereby the overall heath.

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