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The lose of Fallout Online

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The lose of Fallout Online

Inläggav sasharax » fre 08 nov 2019, 08:18

Shortly after Interplay bought the Fallout copyright at Bethesda, the previous issuer, Interplay, decided to move on and make a massively multiplayer online RPG in Fallout's world. Yes, this is very embarrassing in law and led to a lawsuit filed by Bethesda, claiming that Interplay does not have the right to play this game.

Bethesda claims that the roles and locations that Fallout Online will portray are in conflict with the theme of Fallout 3 that they are developing at the time. As you can see from the picture, Fallout Online looks like a dark brown version of Fallout: New Vegas.

When it was canceled, Interplay had already planned a world of 65,500 square miles. There will be a building builder that players can use to build and run their own towns (does people familiar with Fallout 4 sound familiar?). It will also have crafts and guilds to make special items, but there is no more information to reveal from this destined project.

After years of legal struggle, Bethesda finally bought the copyright of Fallout Online for two million dollars. This technically means that Bethesda may make a large multiplayer online version of Fallout Online someday, but it won't be based on any Interplay version of the game.

From the Elder Scrolls Online, it can be seen that Bethesda's interest in online games is still very obvious. Maybe one day we will see this ambitious ideal become a reality.
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