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Having just won yet another Super Bowl Greedy Williams Jersey , the Patriots yet again reign atop the NFL landscape, and football fans everywhere (except New England) are letting out a collective groan. But it's OK that the Pats are champs again, because they're a franchise that is conducive to content and discussion, given their unorthodox way of doing things. One hallmark of Bill Belichick's philosophy is that he doesn't necessarily mind bringing in a player that's been written off, or considered out of his prime. This has allowed the team to see plenty of notable one-off players of his tenure http://www.brownsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-sione-takitaki-jersey , who were only on the roster for a relatively brief amount of time.Even before Belichick started coaching in New England, the team had a good amount of players that would leave and go on to greater notoriety with another franchise. This is true of most NFL teams, but the Patriots over the years have had an especially eclectic mix of familiar faces around the league. Let's take a look at which players fall into this category, and how much skill they actually had when they were on the team. How many do you remember during their time in New England?Ranked below are the top 15 NFL players you forgot played for the Patriots. We are now about halfway into the NFL season and there have been tons of surprises. Injuries have plagued the league as we have lost some of the biggest names for the season. Free agency can work out well for teams at times or can be an absolute disaster (looking at you 2011 Eagles). Some teams like the Packers rarely make any big signings, but always seem to be successful (provided Aaron Rodgers is healthy). That can be accredited to good drafting. On the other hand Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , you have teams who continuously fail in drafts. Sorry Cleveland fans, at least you have LeBron right?One thing we all tend to do is judge players harshly sooner than we should. This is true of big free agents not producing for their new teams or big name rookies that haven’t translated to the NFL smoothly. Now, half a season is not nearly enough time to judge a guy, right? Wrong! Six minutes is! If we don’t like the tie he wears at his introduction presser or something he tweeted when he was 17 then we immediately write him off. Here are eight free agent signings and seven draft picks from this year that already look like busts.
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