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Här har vi en frivillig presentation av oss själva


Inläggav BettySplendens » tis 13 maj 2014, 08:36

Hello and hejsan everyone! I found this forum about a month ago but thought it was time for a brief introduction.

My name is Victoria Stark and I run the website BettySplendens.com. I have been involved in some shape or form with bettas for over 20 years, with occasional breaks in between (but we all know one can never stay away for long!). I won a few IBC championships in the US, was one of the consultants for the modern show standard, and somewhere in there wrote a book.

A few years ago I met my Swedish boy, got married, and subsequently moved to Örebro, and I am very happy to say that life has finally settled enough that I have cleared out a closet and filled it right up with bettas again! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and maybe even arranging to meet up for coffee and kampfisk chat.

Sorry for my post in English; I am still learning. Maybe I can use this group to help practice my Swedish :lol: . Jag förstår bättre än jag kan tala!
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