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Nike nike air more Uptempo Big Air Pippen Boots

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Nike nike air more Uptempo Big Air Pippen Boots

Inläggav DellMartinez » ons 23 maj 2018, 08:19

The supporting role for the period is my pair of nike air more than Uptempo commonly known as the big air, this is a pair of very classic basketball shoes, he was born nike air more uptempo for sale in 1996 and I was a year old, was born 20 years ago, he There are a lot of spokespersons like Pippen, Barkley, Reggie Miller wearing these shoes in advance.

Tide of the evil spirits under the prestige [linduankai]

As a basketball shoe 20 years ago, the actual combat function nike air max 90 essential can really not be the purpose of nike reprinting it. For 20 years, everyone has been obsessed with it for a secondary reason. My group feels that because of the appearance of this pair of shoes, whether you are from From which angle you look at this pair of shoes, you can feel its common sense of design. It can give people a very deep first impression. It can be said that he is a pair of basketball shoes that he never forgets. The left and right sides of the shoes are magnificent. The AIR words, with the AIR MAX air cushion with many pieces of open windows, must be very bold design in 20 years, very avant-garde, put on his retro smell is also blowing, every detail is very intriguing .
The logo of the embroidery on the toe made me think that when I air jordan 8 aqua was in elementary school, I wore a lot of nike clothes and trousers and shoes. All of these embroidery logos are very beautiful. The upper information from the first generation of suede data to the current decomposition of the skin, feels it is still a bit of rough texture, of course, his breathability will certainly not be very good, which is certain. The shoelace part has a similar elastic band design. His practical package effect is not as good as today's static fly line, but it looks very nostalgic. I like it very much, it's beautiful and it's funny. Shoelace buckle This shoelace is not fixed up, but is complicated to hang supreme air jordan 5 here, do not tighten the shoelace must fall. The heel of the shoe has a thick rope handle, and many real basketball shoes can't see this kind of thing. When you really play it in your hand, you can't help pulling him back 20 years ago. This is the charm of design.
I spent a lot of time to show the appearance of these shoes because the appearance of these shoes is now his strongest selling point. Retro, novelty and publicity are the reasons why I like this pair of shoes. Before I saw someone on the road wearing these shoes, I was attracted to it. This is why I bought this pair of shoes at this time.
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