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Wii game console is the new-fashioned breakthrough in the gaming arena that offers much-desired thrill and adventure to its gamers. Introduced by Nintendo Kúpit Puma Fierce Core Kylie Jenner Mesh Biele , it is the seventh generation system that is fantastic for players who prefer power packed video game genres. Part of the common games purchasable constitute Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III, Twilight princess and a lot of more.

The machine is an entertainment package that provides games for atypical moods and moments. Besides offering excitement and entertainment Vypredaj Nike Air Force One Low 07 LV8 Sede , it also helps its players to stay fit and in good shape. All the game types offered by the Wii game console provides fitness tests. These tests measure the fitnesscondition of the gamer during the playing process.
One of the excellent names in the gaming planet, Wii game console allows the gamer to utlize a distinctive Wii-mote control. It is a wireless control system that makes games like tennis, bowling and baseball honestly fun. Moreover Nike Air Force One Low Leather Biele Lacne , the sensor allows the participant to make all manner of body movements while playing that trains the moves and balances of the body.

Apart from the outstanding wireless Wii remote, which detects movement in three dimensions, the Wii game console also features Wii-Connect24 that enables it to receive messages and update over the Internet when in standby mode.

Functions of Nintendo Wii gaming console :
Wii game console has many famous features that makes it popular amongst video game lovers. Following are some of its extraordinary features:
1. It is one of the smallest and most lightweight home game consoles Panske Nike Air Force One Low Strata Sede Predaj , of the three major consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) , and it weighs only 3 pounds.
2. One of the extraordinary highlights of this console is its recurring theme or design. The console Panske Nike Air Force One Low Cervene Predaj , the SD cards, the power supply and all other sockets have one of their corners artfully chipped off in a triangular fashion.
3. Wii video games are accessible in the format of 12 centimeter Wii optical discs that load into the vertical game slot. It also has an additional 8cm Game Cube Disc.
4. It is accoutered with two processors. They are 729 megahertz Power PC based “Broadway” processor (by IBM) and ATI “Hollywood” GPU.
5. While the system memory is 88MB, the Wii game console has a memory of 512 megabytes internally. There is port for an SD card for external storage. The external storage is often utilized for saving data and for uploading photos and other items onto the Wii.
6. The console is provided with ports for four Wii gaming remote controllers which connect wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Moreover Puma Ignite Evoknit High Biele Lacne , GameCube controllers can be used too. There are four slots for these and 2 GameCube memory card slots
7. The Wii game console is also equipped with AV Multi-output port, allowing composite, s-video and component.
8. The audio for the Nintendo Wii console is in stereo as it is Dolby Pro Logic II-capable.
9. It total power consumption when switched on is 18 watts and it is 1.3 watts in when in standby mode.

Top games of Wii game console:
Though there are a couple of games that are very efficacious Puma Ignite Limitless Cierne Sede Predaj , some of them top the game list. The console has launched up-to-date versions of some of its earlier games to make it more enchanting and animating for the gaming lovers. Following are some of the top Wii games that have been voted by both editors and players at Game Spot: Smash Bros. Brawl (3D Action), Mario Kart Wii (Kart Racing) and Super Mario Galaxy (3D Adventure).

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SOFIA, May 9 (Xinhua) -- The seventh edition of the International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker officially opened here on Monday featuring cartoons from 42 countries including China.

"This year, we received 935 movies for the competition, including 15 feature films," the festival's director Nadezhda Slavova said at the opening ceremony at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts.

"This is a very high score for Bulgaria and means tremendous confidence in the festival and recognition from around the world," Slavova said.

As many as 11 Chinese films will be screened during the festival.

Six of them, including Go To City ELE, Keywords of Animation, The Life Of Smartphone Addicts, The Mask, A Miner's Story, and BLOOM, will compete for the festival's awards.

The other five such as The Legend of Qin and Hutong Meow, will be shown out of the competition.

A total of three Chinese films have participated in the festival since its first edition in 2010.

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