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dent of the City Council of Tampa, at the forum. This is t

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dent of the City Council of Tampa, at the forum. This is t

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Selecting a firm to handle one’s search engine optimization and internet marketing activates could be quite difficult and changeling task. Why it is a difficult task to choose firm for SEO services? Because first there are so many firms for one to choose from and secondly all the firms claim the same thing or offers same kind of the services. In this article we will focus on the few important things that should keep in mind while choosing a SEO firm to handle your SEO campaign and internet marketing. Keeping few important things in mind will help one in finding the right firm for right kind of SEO service for its campaign.

The most important tip Maury Wills Dodgers Jersey , thing that should kept in mind while choosing SEO firm for SEO service, ask the firm about their past campaigns. And ask for review samples of the past work with results. Reviewing this will help one in understanding that how helpful the services of the specific firm and what methods specific firm use to achieve top rankings. If any firm does not provide sample of their past work then one could move to another firm which does. It is important because one to have to invest and one has all the right to know about that whether he is investing in the right place or not. So it is important to verify the ability and credentials of the people with whom you are planning to work. If one can go extra step of get in touch with some past clients of the company and one could use their review about judging is any SEO firm is best for him or not.

Before going in any firm for SEO Service and ask for their qualifications one should do some research by itself and make some preparations for the meeting. One should make sure that he has some idea about the SEO methods which are in practice by firms. Always stay from the firm that uses unacceptable SEO methods. Here are some questions that one could ask from the firm, how will that specific firm determine the keywords will be use? How will firm perform the competitive analysis? What kind of the optimization plan the firm use for your campaign? What will the tactics of firm for on page and off page of the website?
Another important tip is that avoid such kind of firms that promise number 1 ranking. Why to avoid such type of firms? An SEO firm might be able to achieve the number 1 ranking but search engine ranking changes every day so one probably stay in the number one position for too long. For achieving long-term number 1 position one needs to keep upgrading his site and adjusting its strategy. Firms can promise for the top rankings in the search engine but no guarantee can made as far as results are concern.

As SEO is long and continuous process that only begins with website analysis but never ends of one wants his website to rank forever. So avoid such type of firms that promises to give strong result in a week or two.

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LISBON, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates is prosecuting the Portuguese state for surpassing the maximum time limit for "Operation Marques," local media reported on Friday.

Operation Marques has led Socrates to be arrested in November 2014.

He spent over 9 months in preventive prison, having been accused of fiscal fraud, money laundering and passive corruption.

Socrates, prime minister from 2005 to 2011, filed a lawsuit against the Lisbon Administrative Court on Friday, local television broadcaster SIC reported.

"The foundation of this action is a scandalous violation of the maximum legal time frame of the investigation." he said during press conference on Friday night, according to local media.

"The longest period for an investigation based on our criminal procedure code is 18 months, and this investigation has been going on for 42 months," Socrates added.

Since the first interrogation in November 2014, the country's public ministry hasn't made any prosecutions.

A decision by the Central Department of Investigation and Penal action is expected to take place on March 17.

HAVANA, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- A delegation from the U.S. city of Tampa is in Cuba to search for new business opportunities despite the recent decline of bilateral relations.

The delegation held a business meeting with several Cuban institutions on Monday. Cuban participants included representatives of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment and the biotechnology industry.

"We want to increase cooperation in different areas because we are a city very close to Cuba and with a history with this country," said Ivonne Yolie Capi, the president of the City Council of Tampa, at the forum.

This is the first delegation which visits Cuba after the U.S. government decided to withdraw more than half of its diplomatic staff on the island after alleging Havana failed to protect them from "mysterious acoustic attacks."

Washington also responded to these incidents by expelling 15 Cuban diplomats in the United States, which Havana called "unacceptable."

At the business meeting Monday, Maria de la Luz B'Hamel, the North American director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Cuba, said Cuba is willing to cooperate with different American cities despite the worsening of bilateral links.

"We remain open to meetings of this type to be able to identify new possibilities to advance in our relations despite all the obstacles," she said.

B'Hamel said the main obstacle to increasing ties lies in "the existence, permanence and intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade" maintained by the United States against Cuba.

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