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Customize your special Cheap Navy Blue Darrion Weems Nike Je

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Customize your special Cheap Navy Blue Darrion Weems Nike Je

Inläggav jerseyqueen » tor 18 jul 2019, 02:41

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Jukka Rantanen
great price for a "tall" shirt
Emerson Chua
Just what I was looking for. The colors are bright and the gloves are nice and comfortable.
Eric Felices
I purchased these for my homeschool soccer team of 9-11 year olds. They are pretty much what I expected for the price, decent quality (I think they'll hold up for a two to three seasons). My only complaint is that 5 of the 6 blue pinnies are decidedly stiffer and less soft than all of the red pinnies and one of the blues. I washed and dried them all in the hopes this would make them all soft, but to no avail. The kids don't seem to mind, and except for that small complaint, they meet our needs just fine. Consistency would have earned them five stars.
Mariah Trimble
So I ordered a medium because I have hips, butt and big thighs so I wanted to wear something that made me feel comfortable. These shorts are great! They are perfect and they cover up everything and make me feel comfortable and everything fit, I love the drawstrings because I have a small waist so the drawstrings really helped!
Angus Mckay
Comfy cotton gloves, not too bulky. Colors and pattern fabric are fun. Sizing runs a tad large, I haven't washed them yet, being cotton they will probaly shink a little. I have size 7 fingers and ordered the medium.

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