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Colorado Avalanche Jersey

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A great backswing requires practice and understanding the biomechanics of golf swing.

A good backswing starts with your hands, and then the arms and shoulders follow in one smooth motion.

Swing easily and smoothly. When you are ready, tee the ball up and swing away. Swing issues and technical moves should be worked out on the practice range.

Shorter backswings and the longer ones are both relative to the amount of shoulder rotation each golfer creates. John Daly can turn his shoulders back more than 90 degrees.

Shorter players will have a flatter swing with elbow closer to the side as they generate power from added hip turn and leg drive. Taller players will have a more vertical or upright swing Colorado Avalanche T-Shirts , generating clubhead speed more from the width of arc; they will probably find a close-in elbow constricting.

Backswing Form

In order to learn how to get more extension and turn when initiating your backswing, I'm providing you with a few simple tips, here. The mistake that most players make is loosening up their grip too much Colorado Avalanche Hoodie , especially with the left hand (on right-handed players).

By all means, loosening your grip will definitely help your clubhead extend further behind your body, but remember that you must re-tighten the left hand. This causes a change in the alignment of your clubhead. The result is far less accuracy when hitting the ball.

It is best to always maintain a firm Custom Avalanche Jersey , yet light grip on the club. Varying your grip pressure during a swing is not recommended.

By far, the best way to increase the arc on your backswing is to turn your left shoulder further until it has reached a point over the right foot. This way you will always have a full turn, thus creating the fastest speed of swing that you can possibly generate Colorado Avalanche Jersey , while still maintaining balance and grace.

The Top Of Your Swing

At the top of your backswing, always check the position of the club shaft in order to be sure that you are on the proper plane and accomplishing a full backswing. The club should be perfectly parallel to your target line, and the clubhead should literally be pointing at the target.

An easy way to determine the changes that are needed in your swing is to have a partner examine your moves. Better yet Matt Nieto Avalanche Jersey , have your partner videotape your swing. In this way, you can determine the changes that are needed so that your club will point directly towards the target and your swing will be on the correct plane.

If you are right-handed, then check to see if the club is pointing left of your target. If so Nail Yakupov Avalanche Jersey , then the club is considered to be "laid off" which typically results in a slice. When the club is pointing right of your target then you have "crossed over" which may result in a hook.

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