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Unrest has been brewing in Papua New Guinea

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Unrest has been brewing in Papua New Guinea

Inläggav reba520 » lör 11 aug 2018, 01:18

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SYDNEY, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Australia said Thursday that it will provide assistance to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to prevent further civil unrest should it ask.

The pledge came following violent clashes between student protestors and police that spilled into the streets in Papua New Guinea.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Thursday said the situation in the PNG capital Port Moresby remains volatile.

""We have made an offer of support and assistance, and I know that PNG would ask Australia if it thought it required help, but that request has not been made,"" she said.

A PNG court overnight issued an injunction barring university students from continuing their long-running protest on campus, which was welcomed by the nation's higher education minister.

""Hard working students have been held hostage by the people with political agendas and that has now been brought to an end by court order,"" Higher Education Minister Malakai Tabar said in an emailed statement to Xinhua.

""We all know that the real ringleaders behind the incident today are not students, and now it will be hard for them to hide amongst the student body,"" Malakai Tabar said.

PNG authorities have said initial reports that up to four people had been killed by police were incorrect.

""We have so far received a total of eight gun shot wound casualties, all eight were stabilised and admitted at the hospital. We have discharged two casualties, with the further six patients admitted and all in a stable condition,"" Port Moresby General Hospital chief executive Grant Muddle said in a statement.

""There were no deaths and no DOA (Dead on Arrival), all patients who presented (in relation to this incident) are in a stable condition.""

Unrest has been brewing in Papua New Guinea for many months surrounding criticism of government economic mismanagement and corruption.

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Re: Unrest has been brewing in Papua New Guinea

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